The Lab

We are a new lab interested in the ecology and evolution of host-symbiont associations. Our research currently focuses on community assembly of bacteria living at the surface and within plant leaves.

Nous sommes un nouveau labo intéressé dans l’écologie et l’évolution des associations hôtes-symbiontes. Notre recherche focusse sur l’assemblage des communautés bactériennes vivant à la surface et dans les feuilles des plantes.

Prospective students are welcome to contact us to discuss current opportunities in the lab!

Les étudiants intéressés à joindre le labo sont invités à nous contacter pour discuter des opportunités actuelles!

Lab members

Geneviève (elle/she/her) is the lab PI. She loves discussing microbiome research and functional traits. Apart from her research, she is very motivated to improve equity, diversity and inclusion in the academic sphere.

Garance Demarquest (elle/she/her) is a Master 2 intern. She works on the relationships between bacterial communities living at the surface of leaves (epiphytes) and those living in the leaf tissues (endophytes).
(Start: Jan 2022, End: June 2022)

Salix Dubois (they/them) is a Master’s student whose research focuses on the distribution of phyllosphere bacteria across the plant Kingdom. (Start: Jan 2021, co-supervised with Steve Kembel)

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